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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Moyashimon もやしもんScreen Caps

Tales of Agriculture
Episode 1 The Story of Microbes in Agriculture University

Two grandfathers sit on their veranda discussing their grandsons who are in the outskirts of Tokyo, one asks the other if his grandson used to say he could see microbes, the other agrees and states that he believes that he can. The scene switches to a university opening ceremony, two freshmen, Tadayasu Sawaki and Kei Yūki walk through the crowd, Tadayasu asks why the police are handing out pamphlets. Next they are sitting in a muddy field being addressed through a bullhorn by the University President Goto, who is dressed likes a farmer as is his assistant. The President’s address is interrupted by the police who inform the crowd that Haruka Hasegawa has been missing for a month and might be buried somewhere on the campus. After the ceremony finishes Tadayasu and Kei look for Professor Itsuki, his grandfather’s friend who Tadayasu promised to lookup. Walking through a forested path, Tadayasu begins seeing microbes then he sees a large swarm of them over a mound of fresh earth.
This is one of the oddest shows I’ve ever seen, it has elements of comedy and slice of life along with a science lesson about microbes and I enjoyed it very much. The first half is pretty much slice of life the second half is half comedy and half microbiology and I thought it was pretty cool. Not only can Tadayasu see microbes he can also communicate with bacteria and other microorganisms. This show is based on the manga by Ishikawa, Masayuki and is set to run for 11 episodes. The manga isn’t licensed nor has it been scanlated. Check this out if you like slice of life comedies like Nodame Cantabile or Genshiken. You might even learn a little biology as you watch.

Download the English hardsub by the BSS fansub group here.

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