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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Night Wizard Episode 2 Screen Caps

The episode begins with Akari Himuro another wizard and classmate battles with her Gunner’s Broom against monsters from Rikai, then the scene changes to the school where 3rd year Hiiragi is being introduced to his new classmates in Elis’s 2nd year class. His classmates take him for an idiot and nickname him the falling man, but he is really there to protect Elis. Next the scene shifts to the castle where Anzelotte is explaining to Elis the nature of the world and Rikai with “Anzelotte TV”, the mythological and demonic creatures that appear in legend are in fact invaders from Rikai called “Emulators”. Regular weapons are useless against them, only “Wizards” can defeat them. Elis is a wizard and her bracelet is an artifact with one of the "Seven Jewels of Virtue", if she can collect the other six a counterattack against Rikai would be possible thereby saving the world.

I like this show more with each episode, it’s funny and I love the interplay between the characters. Anzelotte and Hiiragi interchanges are always great, and when Anzelotte asks Elis to do something she always replies yes before she even knows what the mission is. This show along with Shakugan no Shana are for me the fantasy anime shows that I’ll keep watching this season.

Download the second episode with English fansubs by Ashes from here.

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