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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Night Wizard Screen Caps

Episode 1 Lunar Casket
Red Moon Blue Eyes
A girl Anzelotte sits siping tea and says "For the request I'm about to ask you, please reply either "Okay" or "Yes". A high school boy Renji Hiiragi, replies "That just means there isn't really any choice". The girl rings a bell and the floor drops out below him. You see a super deformed character sink through a castle floating in space, until Hiragi exits and starts reentry as he hurtles toward the planet below. A narrator explains then when a red moon rises, the dark tribe "Emulators" will invade the human world. A girl stands on the planet below, a horde of Emulators approach she has a huge gun called a Gunners broom. Hiragi lands pulls out an oversize sword and attacks the Emulators yelling he needs to get to school. Then the scene switches to Akihabara, Kimei Private Academy where the new transfer student Elis Shihou is introducing herself to the class. Every club in the school tries to get the cute girl to join but Kureha Akabane, grabs her and drags her to the astronomy club room where we learn that Shihou is an orphan currently searching for someone from the orphanage who had formerly supported her. Kureha thanks her for joining, explaining that the club has another member who's not at school today Renji Hiiragi. The scene then switches to Hiiragi as he runs towards the school, a car pulls up, Anzelotte the girl from the castle opens a window and and says "For the request I'm about to ask you, please reply either "Okay" or "Yes". Hiiragi is thrown in the car and it flies away as he goes on his next mission.

That's what happened in the first half of episode one, the 2nd half was a bit more serious so I'm really wondering where this show is headed. ANN lists it a comedic fantasy adventure but it's based on a Japanese rule book RPG, the original rule book was released in 2002 and a PC version was released after that. Role playing games like D&D are not really noted for humor so I was pretty surprised that it had as much humor in it as it did. I wonder if the game itself is humorous or the scriptwriters just wrote it in. It was an ok show so I'll download a few more episodes to see where the storyline goes from here. If it turns serious I much rather see a fantasy like Seirei no Moribito. You might like this if you are a fan of Zero no Tsukaima without the fanservice.

Download the first episode from ainex fansubs here.

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