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Monday, October 08, 2007

Shakugan no Shana 2nd Screen Caps

The second season begins to the sound of bells, as Sakai meets with his best friend Ike for the start of the second semester of high school. When Sakai asks Ike to go to the music store after school, Ike replies that he has a cram school mock exam. Then Sakai gets déjà vu, and amidst the falling sakura says to Ike “It’s September, Right?” which Ike affirms. Then Kazumi runs up and greets Sakai, and Ike asks her for help with the student council meeting. Eita and Keisaku arrive looking tired and bored and Saki remembers hearing Margery Daw hasn’t changed at all, she’s drunk again. Then Shana appears scolding Wilhelmina who has walked her to school, after Wilhelmina retreats Shana greets Sakai and class begins, while Sakai tries to recall what Shana had said to him on the day when they both were to disappear.

This is a really good introduction to the second season, reintroducing the main characters pretty quickly then going straight to an action sequence. I love the humor Wilhelmina brings to the series and I hope she’s more screen time in this season.

Download the SS-Eclipse release both the XviD and h264 1280x720 are on their tracker here.

I really like the opening and posted the YouTube video of Joint by Mami Kawada after the screen caps

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