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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Shakugan no Shana Movie

The movie opens as an unnamed Flame Haze battles a Crimson Denizen, losing his life when he is shot in the chest the Flame Haze falls and the opening dialog begins. Then the scene abruptly shifts to Misaki High School where the hero Saki Yuji is introduced stopping at a music store on his way home, where Kazumi a shy classmate who has a crush on Saki flees rather then face him. After leaving the store, everything freezes except for Saki and a large doll which appears to be sucking the life from the frozen people around him. The doll notices that Saki is mobile and in delight moves toward him declaring that Saki is a “Mystes” and the doll wants his “Hougu”. Just as he is about to be seized a girl with flaming red hair and eyes, with a sword appears and with ease defeats the monster. After defeating the doll the girl tells Saki that he is already dead as are many of the towns citizens that it is merely a short matter of time before they disappear. He wants to know her name and she explains that she is a Flame Haze but she doesn’t have a personal name. So he names her Shana after her sword.
So begins the story which is part fantasy, romance and school life comedy. The movie isn’t a sequel to the original series but is an adaptation of the first volume of the light novel, and a good introduction to the series for viewers that haven’t seen the anime series that aired in Japan in 2005. A new anime is set to begin airing in Japan on October 5 2007 so this is a great time to catch the movie and either reacquaint or introduce yourself to the material. I watched the original series when it aired and enjoyed it very much and felt the same way towards the movie when I watched it last night, it’s a very good mix of genres and alternately humorous when Shana and Saki bicker or action fight scenes that advance the plot and reveal more of the nature of reality. I ordered the first volume of the light novels last night after watching the movie because I want to see the original source material that so far has spawned seventeen volumes along with two mangas, two anime series, an OVA and a movie. I guess it you could say it’s popular. If you only have time for one fantasy series however, I’d suggest the more serious and realistic fantasy Seirei no Moribito (Guardian of the Sacred Spirit) as being clearly superior but personally I’m making time for both.

Download the [SS-Eclipse] English hard sub bit torrent file here. I really love SS-Eclipse releases they look great the translations make sense and they play great in my standalone player.

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great review, you stuff always has so many screens its awesome, readers really get in depth info.

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