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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Summer Snow Screen Caps

The story starts underwater as a diver explains what summer snow is. Shinoda Natsuo is played Domoto Tsuyoshi (Moto Kare, Home Drama), he runs a bike shop and has being looking after his younger brother and sister, since their parents died. The brother Jun is played by Shun Oguri (Hana Kimi, Hana Yori Dango) has a hearing impairment which also affects his speech. The sister Chika is played by Ikewaki Chizuru (Fuurin Kazan, Taiyou no Kisetsu) acts as mother to the two boys waking Natsuo in the morning and preparing the meals while she also attends school with Jun. While Natsuo is out making a loan payment he notices a boy struggling to learn how to ride the bike Natsou sold the kid’s mother. He stops and helps the boy by giving him a lesson, until the boy crashes into a bank employee Katase Yuki played by Ryoko Hirosue (Bubble Fiction, Beach Boys), she falls and scraps her knee. Then Natsuo gives her first aid and finds out that she’s soliciting clients for the bank. Thus begins the surprising love story of Natsuo and Yuki.

This is a very popular romance drama, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The coupling of Domoto and Ryoko was so popular a few years later they were teamed up again for Moto Kare which doesn’t quite live up to this drama. Ryoko is one of my favorite actresses and this is her best dramatic series, and while I really prefer her in comedies like Shotgun Wedding she was quite good. Once again Shun Oguri appears in another very popular drama, if you liked him HYD or Hana Kimi check out this drama from 7 years ago. If you like dramatic romances I think you’ll enjoy this.

Download the eleven episode batch torrent file for the J-TV hard sub release here. It's very well seeded right now and should be a fairly fast download.

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