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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Abarenbo Mama Screen Caps

Abarenbo Mama
The drama opens on a charter fishing boat out to sea, two of the passengers Kawano Tetsu played by Oizumi Yo (Haken no Hinkaku, Tokyo Tower) and Kanai Tamao played by Himura Yuuki (Akihabara@deep, Fugoh Keiji 2) are complaining that the fish aren’t biting and the annoyed boat captain wakes his daughter Ayu played by Ueto Aya (Attention Please, Aim for the Ace) telling her to show the complaining fisherman how to fish. She baits the hook and in minutes catches a large fish 2.5 Kg fish that’s destined to hang over her bed when she’s married. Tetsu takes the long haired tomboy to his shop cuts and dyes her hair giving her the latest fashion. When they ask her father for permission to marry at first denied because the manly captain doesn’t want to trust his daughter to a man who cuts women’s hair for a living. Eventually they are wed, and are working to open a small shop together where the fisherman’s daughter hopes to improve her language and become a certified beauty technician. Then just as they are about to have their grand opening Tetsu receives a call from his first wife as Ayu brings a small boy into the shop. The boy Kawano Yuki played by Shibuya Takeru (Yamada Taro Monogatari, Kurosagi) turns to Tetsu and says “Papa”, Ayu grabs a letter from Yuki and reads. The son that Tetsu never told Ayu about has been abandoned by his mother and is now to live with them.
This show has a lot of potential with Aya playing an immature bride she going to have conflicts with her husband, the kid and most of all with the mothers from his school. I’ve loved Aya since I first saw her in the 2003 movie Azumi kicking butt and the 2002 drama My Little Chef as a waitress and many series since. This first episode was a lot of fun and I have high hopes for the rest of the series, it should be funny with secondary characters played by comedian Himura Yuuki as the henpecked neighbour. Himura was always good for a laugh as the cosplay otaku in @deep.

The first episode English hardsub was released by the new fan sub group Waei-Subs and the bit torrent file can be downloaded here.

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