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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Galileo ガリレオ Episode 3 Screen Caps

Episode 3 opens as Kaoru played by Shibasaki Kou (Orange Days, Good Luck!!) is leaving the police station, she receives a message from from Manabu played by Fukuyama Masaharu (Tengoku no Daisuke e, Bijo ka Yajuu) saying that he needs to consult with her. When she arrives at his lab however it is Yayoi played by Hirosue Ryoko (Summer Snow, Bubble Fiction: Boom or Bust) who needs her help. Her husband Kanzaki Naoki is missing, having never returned home from work. Kaoru complains to Manabu that she has worked a double shift and the only reason that she visited the lab was because he said that he needed to consult with her. He replies that he needed to consult with her about consulting with Yayoi and after some more bickering tells Kaoru I always help you now it’s your turn, then leaves to teach a class. Yayoi isn’t happy either not trusting Kaoru because she is younger then her. But Kaoru and Yayoi go to the cafeteria for tea, Yayoi explaining the details of the case. Naoki a medical supplies salesman was visiting a nursing home as part of his job and hadn’t been seen since. Yayoi believes after leaving the nursing home he went to another client’s home in the same area, but that woman also died on the same day that Naoki disappeared. Kaoru begins work on the case but of course something unexplained happens and Manabu is drawn in as well.

Along with Ryoko, one of my favourite actresses also guest starring this week is veteran actor Komoto Masahiro (Hotelier, Ace wo Nerae!). One of the strong points of the show is the acting including both the regular cast and guest stars. Another thing I like about the show is the chemistry between Kaoru and Manabu who work well together and the light bickering moments they have together lighten the show considerably.

SARS is done another nice English hardsub release, download the bit torrent files for the first three episodes here.

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