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Monday, November 19, 2007

Genshiken 2 Episode 3 Screen Caps

Episode 3 One Hot Day in Summer
The long awaited day has finally arrived it's 7am as Saki turns over to get a little more sleep, and Sasahara, Kuchiki and Kohsaka are lined up in the vendor line for ComiFes. Sasahara talks on the phone to Madarame as they go over the clubs plans. Madarame will shop first as a regular customer while Oono and Tanaka change for cosplay then head over to the sales booth. Meanwhile Kuchiki who's entering as a vendor is to immediately worm his way though the lines of the major vendors and purchase the hit books before the regular shoppers do. Meanwhile Sasahara and Kohsaka head over to the sales table where the books have already arrived. Sasahara is so excited he can barely get out word of greeting to the other sellers located on either side of the club.
As I said in my last Genshiken post, the create a manga and sell it at comicfes is one of my favorite arcs in the manga and I think that the main reason I like it so much is because of the teamwork required of the club to produce and market their very own book. Last episode Madarame had to moderate the argument, Saki had to take control and issue orders, Sasahara, Kugayama and Ogiue had to produce the book while Oono and Saki gathered the tools. This episode Kuchiki and Kohsaka get some of the spotlight as they do their part to ensure a successful convention. Also later in the episode which I won't spoil, are some of the funniest scenes that Kohsaka has in the entire series.
Download the first six episodes from Dattebayo Fansubs at their tracker here.

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