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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Genshiken 2 Episode 5 Screen Caps

Episode 5 Madarame Full Uke
Madarame is filling out another job application in the Genshiken as Sasahara reads a Kujibiki Unbalance manga. Madarame comments that for hobbies people who put down reading really mean manga and other lies that are told finally wonders if he can put down “Lolita” and “tsundere”. Then he starts complaining about the job market and the supposedly recovering Japanese economy. He’s fed up going on interviews and meeting people, he hates the business suits and wants to just give up. Sasahara asks him about the suit and Madarame replies it’s a cheap off the rack suit but Tanaka handmade the tie. Then he admits that he was just kidding about the handmade tie, Sasahara joking back grabs the tie and the depressed Madarame replies “Just kill me while you’re at it. Ogiue enters just in time to witness the scene. After a bit of conversation between the three, Sasahara and Madarame depart leaving Ogiue to begin with her boys love fantasies of Madarame and Sasahara.

The series just continues to improve as we enter more into the Ogiue arc of the manga, she easily the most interesting of the characters as a self loathing otaku and her BL fantasies of Madarame and Sasahara are going to incite a lot of funny moments and problems in the episodes ahead. It's great that even though she supposedly hates otaku she's by far the most productive of the club members.

Download the first seven episodes fro DB fansubs here, screen caps of the previous four episodes of season 2 can be found here, and for the OVA here.

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