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Monday, November 26, 2007

Genshiken 2 げんしけん Episode 7 Screen Caps

Episode 7 Graduation Syndrome

Madarame pulls his collar up in an attempt to keep warm as he waits for an increasingly late bus. Sasahara grabs a coffee before entering the Genshiken where Kugayama is sitting with Ogiue. Kugayama tells Sasahara that he came to get his things but now thinks that he might just leave them here in the Genshiken. Sasahara wonders if that’s how things accumulate in the club room as seniors leave their belongings behind when they graduate. Kugayama tells Sasahara about the medical supply company he recently began job training at, and the possibility that he might be placed in sales, just as Tanaka and Ohno enter the club room. Tanaka has a real estate catalog in hand as he will be moving shortly to a new school near Nippori after he graduates. Just then Saki enters and Ohno ask her for a favor. Ohno wants to do a photo shoot with Saki in the many costumes that Tanaka has made for her as a graduation present. But Saki declines saying that she’s not the one graduating, but agrees to do it the following year when she graduates. Ohno bursts into tears, crying out that because she went to school abroad she doesn’t have enough credits to graduate next year, she’ll be here for two more years and feels that everyone is leaving her behind.

Ohno’s feelings of loss at the parting of friends can easily be understood especially when you realize that the final season is more then half over, and the final volume of the manga has been released today. I really look forward to reading the conclusion and then watching the final five episodes of the series. Genshiken is the best manga that I’ve read and I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed both anime seasons along with the ova release. The characters are what make this such a special story both in print and in video. Each is special in their own very unique way.

Download the first seven episodes from the DB fansub group tracker here, see screen caps of the first six episodes here and the OVA here.

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Blogger Weekly Anime Review said...

I'm really enjoying the new season of Genshiken. I like how the anime is following the manga for the most part, but is just different enough.

I'm looking forward to Ohno's American friends coming to visit. They're in the opening anyway so I assume it's going to happen soon. :) Maybe Sasahara's sister will show up too? I really enjoyed her hanging around in the manga.

Speaking of the manga, my volume 9 pre-order finally shipped from Barnes & Noble. I can't wait! It sure took long enough to come out.

11/28/2007 04:18:00 AM  

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