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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mysterious Girlfriend X Scanlation

This eichi manga is one of the strangest seinen manga’s I’ve ever read. It seems straightforward enough until page 21 when the hero of the manga high school student Tsubaki Akira wakes the mysterious transfer student Urabe Mikoto who was sleeping after school at her desk. After Mikoto leaves the classroom Akira notices a pool of her drool left on the desk, he swipes the drool with his finger and tastes it. He immediately becomes very embarrassed and guiltily looks around to see if anyone saw him in the empty room. After seeing this I thought that what is billed as eichi is going to quickly turn into hentai, but I’ve read the first two chapters and I can tell you that’s not the case. That night Akira has a dream, and the primary reason I’m posting about this manga is because of the artwork is terrific, it’s very detailed and I like it alot, especially the two page spreads (pg 27 in chapter 0) that are done of Akira’s dreams in the first couple of chapters they have an almost M. C. Escher type quality. This is the first of mangaka Ueshiba Riichi work I've seen but I'm going to look for more of his stuff. Fans of the Kimikiss Various Heroines manga or the Kasimasi anime will probably enjoy this manga.
Download the bit torrent files for the scanlation for the first 3 chapters of volume 1 here.

Posted below is Chapter 0 from Volume 1

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Blogger Jeffrywith1e said...

I love Mysterious Girlfriend X. Its a story about good people in a relationship where nothing can be hidden. Its honest.

12/21/2008 06:24:00 PM  

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