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Thursday, November 29, 2007

O Oh! Edo Rocket Screen Caps

Episode 1 Crimson Fireworks Bloom in Great Edo

The residents of the Furai Row-House block stand and watch the skyrocket as fireworks maker Seikichi complains to his brother Shunpei the mathematical brains of the family, wondering how the unknown skyrocket maker achieved the colors that occurred when the rocket detonated. Meanwhile two monsters battle with claws and unusual powers before one close to being defeated manages to throw off his opponent and escape. Rokubei sits in the row house street drinking with his neighbor, both commiserate over their poor lives. The government has just passed a ban on luxuries, even though the destitute pair never enjoyed any luxuries to begin with. Rokubei’s wife brings them a drink, and Rokubei say’s “they’re too poor to drink to their hearts content.” In Genzo’s shop the cross-dressing scale maker lays sobbing on the floor, he has been forgotten again, and his mother wonders why Genzo who dresses so flamboyantly never makes an impression on anyone other then O-Nui.

This is a crazy science fiction anime that was originally written by Kazuki Nakashima as a stage play and then released as a novel in 2001. It feels similar to a steampunk plot, with an alien requesting one of the famous fireworks artisans of the Edo period to build her a firework capable of taking her to the moon. The strong point of this anime is the large cast of interesting characters, in addition to the ones I mentioned above, there is a locksmith who can open any lock with just his fingers, a mysterious elderly old landlord of the row-house, and a pair of circus performers and that is just some of the residents of the block. I also really like the soundtrack it works really will especially during the crazy action scenes where just about anything can happen. The art work also is very well done with some crazy characters like Rokubei who’s got such a large set of teeth his mouth never closes, and vivid colors that serve to enhance many of the scenes. Recommend to scifi comedy fans who liked Future Police Urashiman or Night Wizard or Irresponsible Captain Tylor.

Download the first twenty three episodes here from shinsen-subs fansubs.

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