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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Crest of the Stars Screen Caps

Jinto’s father sold out his home planet to a group of genetically engineered alien invaders named the Abh, making himself governor of the planet and his son Jinto automatically becomes Abh nobility. The anime begins when Jinto is accompanied by an Abh princess and pilot named Lafiel to begin training aboard an Abh warship, just as the galaxy is on the brink of war. Jinto and Lafiel are ordered to abandon the warship as it is attacked by overwhelming forces, Lafiel protests the order but the captain makes it clear that it is Lafiel’s duty to protect Jinto an Abh civilian and to warn the Empire of the sneak attack and the probable enemy invasion.

One of the primary reasons I started watching anime is for science fiction stories. I’ve always loved SF and after the first Matrix movie when I learned that much of the film was inspired by Ghost in the Shell I had my first taste of Japanese SF and really loved it. One of my favourite SF subgenre is space opera, and this show is the best space opera anime that I’ve seen so far. I would highly recommend this to fans of Star Trek or Star Wars or any fans of classic space opera like the Asimov Foundation series or Heinlein’s Starship Troppers also fans of the original Gundam will probably enjoy this story as well it is character driven plot as was Gundam. This is the first of four anime series based on the series of novels. The Second part is titled Banner of the Stars another 12 episode series and the third is Banner of the Stars II a ten episode series,and concluding the anime is the two episode Banner of the Stars III. You can rent the Crest of the Stars and Banner of the Stars II from Netflix but for some strange reason they don’t have Banner of the Stars or Banner of the Stars III so if you want to see the entire series which I recommend you’ll need to purchase Banner or find it for rent somewhere else.

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