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Friday, December 14, 2007

Galileo ガリレオ Episode 8 Screen Caps

A pool of blood on the floor of a cooking school, a woman’s bloody hand, the scene switches to her apartment where her sister played by Shaku Yumiko (Himitsu no Hanazono, Stand Up!!) is asleep at the table in the darkened room the only light emitting from the flickering TV screen. She wakes to see her sister outside the sliding glass door but by the time she gets the lights on and the door open she’s gone. A couple minutes later she tries calling the sister’s cell but doesn’t get an answer. The scene switches to the Misuzu Cooking School a guard hears noise while doing his rounds and upon investigation stumbles upon the body of the owner. The man who was hacking away at her is given away by the ringing cell which he failed to silence, falls to his own death while trying to make his escape.

An open and shut case right, well not on Galileo, Kaoru played by Shibasaki Kou (Orange Days, Good Luck!!) gets Galileo played by Fukuyama Masaharu (Meguri Ai, Perfect Love) involved because the sister saw Misuzu at her apartment at the time of death. Galileo points towards teleportation as he doesn’t believe in ghosts. Shaku Yumiko is another strong guest star and is reunited with Maya Miki who plays the Medical Examiner Jonouchi Sakurako, they were both in Himitsu no Hanazono earlier this year. I didn’t particularly care for the ultimate solution, I don’t want to spoil it so I won’t give my reasons but this show is still the best of the fall dramas in my opinion and I’ll be sorry to see it finish, only two more episodes to go.

Download the SARS fansubs bit torrent files for the first eight episodes here.

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