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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Genshiken 2 げんしけん Episode 10 Screen Caps

Episode 10 Otaku from the USA
Oguie, Ohno and Sasahara are gathered in Oguie’s apartment, they are discussing the upcoming Comicfes where the three will be selling Oguie’s first self published doujinshi. Ohno suggests meeting at the train station so they can have fun and travel together but is vetoed by Oguie who states that if one person is late it would make them all late it’s easier and safer to meet up at the convention site. Sasahara tries to ask some questions but Oguie is clearly embarrassed by the situation and when asked the genre of the book at first refuses to tell them then relents but then tells them it’s a Kujin book. Ohno offers to help with any last minute work that might be needed on the doujinshi but Oguie replies it’s already done and submitted to the printer; in fact she even got a discount for the early submission. Sasahara apologizes and says he would have liked to introduce Oguie to the printer, but Oguie tells him he’s busy and has no time to mess around and that she somehow managed. Sasahara asks Ohno if he’s hated but Oguie answers “I don’t hate you”, Sasahara says he’s relieved. Ohno wants to get a look at the book and asks Oguie if she made any copies. Oguie tells her she did but would prefer that she wait and see the finished product. Then the Americans arrive at the Genshiken.

This was a funny episode and I won’t spoil it at all for those that haven’t read the manga but this is a terrific story. To see how the individual members of the club deal with the foreigners tells you a lot about the characters themselves. Madarame in particular is especially funny in his reactions. This should really be a longer series as I don’t see how they can fit in all the good parts of the manga in the final two episodes.

Download the bit torrent files for all ten of the episodes by db fansubs on their tracker here. Screen caps of the first nine episodes are here.

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