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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Genshiken 2 げんしけん Episode 11 Screen Caps

Episode 11 “Realistically Hardcore”
The anime opens at Comicfes, Oguie stands in the crowd and waits for Sasahara who’s trying to locate her. Ohno, Angela and Suzy were taking full advantage of all three days of the Comicfes. Oguie meet them the previous day and was stared down by Suzy she tells Sasahara. He comments that Suzy is playing the unsociable type and might feel threatened by Oguie, but Oguie replies that she’s not playing a character. The scene shifts to the exterior where Tanaka, Ohno, Angela and Suzy sit in line, Suzy keeps shouting out lines from famous animes, many from Laputa:Castle in the Sky. Ohno tries to quiet her down to no avail. Sasahara and Oguie find the location of the booth and Oguie gets a first look at the print quality of her first solo professionally printed doujinshi, where she reminds Sasahara if he even glances at it she’ll curse him, she add not to even touch it. Sasahara protests, he’s a vendor how is he to sell it if he can’t touch it. Oguie tells him, he’ll find a way. When the convention finally begins Oguie is so nervous she can’t even speak to the customers.
This is the funniest episode yet with the best scenes occurring when Oguie and Suzy are interacting with each other. Oguie has long been my favourite of the female characters as she is much more complex then the other women in the manga and because her reactions are so extreme, for example her reaction to a dispute in the manga club was to leap from the second story window breaking her arm. Only one more episode to go and the producers have so much more of the manga that huge gaps in the story will exist. If you enjoy this anime and haven’t read the manga I highly recommend you pick it up after next week’s conclusion to see all the great stuff that the anime leaves out. It would be great if the producers included some extra episodes when they release the DVD’s for the show I just can’t stand to see the story end.

Download the English hardsub bit torrent files for the first eleven episodes here. Screen shots of the first ten episodes here.

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