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Friday, December 28, 2007

Genshiken 2 げんしけん Episode 12 Screen Caps

Sasahara, Ohno and Kucchi are in the Genshiken, and Kucchi is whining about Training camp and spouting random anime quotes as Ohno reads a Cosplay magazine and Sasahara reads a catalogue. Finally Sasahara closes the catalog and leaves the room muttering “buzz off” to Kucchi as he exits. Out in the courtyard he sees Oguie approaching but purposely goes out of the way to avoid her. Then he’s at another publisher for another job interview, this time a self publishing firm but later when he checks his mail he’s been rejected yet again. He lays on his futon and tries to remember why he wanted to get a job in the editing field, why not anime or games he thinks. But he’s not a creator and better to work behind the scenes on something that he likes with a small group of coworkers. Then he tries to imagine how great his life would have been if he never joined the Genshiken in the first place. But that self delusion is quickly dispelled.

Here we are at the final episode of season two and I have to say that I enjoyed the second season at least as well as the first which I’ve seen many times. I’ll have to see how it holds up on repeat viewings in the future but I can’t wait for the DVD’s to get released here so I have a chance to find out. The producers have so much more material from the manga that hasn’t yet been animated that I hope we’ll see an OVA or better yet a third season. The entire ending arc from the manga is missing from the anime so they have plenty to work with. Also with the new novel being released if it’s anywhere near the quality of the manga it’d be great to see that animated also. How can you have a two season slice of life anime without a trip to a hot springs, are these characters even Japanese? So until they release some more episodes to finish the story I’ll just have to re-read the manga and hope that the novel gets translated.

Download all twelve of the bit torrent files for the complete Dattebayo English Fansub second season here. Screen Shots of the first eleven episodes here.

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Blogger timo said...

the link you have above for the torrents does not work, but the screen shots are excellent! maybe I should wait for the DVDs; I don't have much confidence with the streaming and fansubbing yet. I do love all the genshiken material, and look forward to the kujibiki unbalance as well.

12/30/2007 07:42:00 AM  
Blogger Kevin said...

@timothe link you have above for the torrents does not work

You're right the Dattebayo fansub website is down I just checked, hopefully it'll be back up soon. Try this link in the meantime, Genshiken ep12

12/30/2007 07:54:00 AM  

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