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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Genshiken 2 げんしけん Episode 8 Screen Caps

Episode 8 Cosplay Research Club
Oguie arrives home to find that she has been accepted to ComicFes, then the scene shifts to the Genshiken where Ohno is going over a list of the upcoming cosplay events and tries to decide what would be best to wear for each event. Oguie enters and Ohno offers to clear away the costumes but Oguie wants to know if Ohno is embarrassed when she does cosplay, as Oguie remembers the time Saki tricked her into cosplay. Ohno says that yes it is embarrassing but that is what makes it a valid form of self expression. Oguie goes on to tell her that the acceptance letter for ComicFes had arrived and now Ogiue feels a lot of pressure and embarrassment. Ohno sympathizes with her saying that Oguie shudders at the though of revealing her own fujyoshiness especially after denouncing fujyoshi publicly.

After that the Cosplay comedy really gets rolling first with Oguie and then later Kuchiki who gets a big part in this episode. Oguie is probably the most complex and interesting of the entire cast of characters and Kuchiki has to be the strangest most perverted of the characters. But the thing about Kuchiki is that he is very open and honest about his feelings to the point almost that he can’t control himself. He is almost a polar opposite of Sasahara who is so laid back and repressed, although Sasahara has grown quite a bit from the first volume of the manga when the club tricked him into finding the hidden porn. While Sasahara has grown, Kuchiki still is as whacked out as ever.

Download the bit torrent files for the first eight episodes here. Screen Caps of the first seven episodes can be seen here and for the ova here.

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