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Friday, December 07, 2007

Genshiken 2 げんしけん Episode 9 Screen Caps

Episode 9 It's Always Raining During Job Hunts

Sasahara is making the rounds of all the major publishing houses as he's struggling to find a job in editing. In an interview he's asked if he'd turn down a job if they put him in sales. He tells them sales is an important job but later as he's going through the interview in his head he feels that his answer was just too fake. Next he's in a group interview but chuckles as another job seeker gives his reply, the interviewer ask Sasahara if he has friends and a girlfriend, an image of Oguie doing cosplay flashes through his mind before he replies affirmatively. The interviewer wants to know what they find fascinating about Sasahara. Then he's back out into the streets.

This is a pretty serious episode as the soon to be graduates look for their place in the world. Both through employment as Sasahara and Kohsaka are looking for jobs and Saki is looking for funding to open her own store also their interpersonal relationships come into question. Kuchiki provides most of the comedy in the episode as he's has nothing important to do. Later in the episode in a departure from the manga the question of copyright and the appropriateness of the material in the Genshiken doujinshi, this wasn't in the 2005 manga but the anime is keeping the storyline current with events that are being discussed in the anime press today. I wonder what the mangaka Kio, Shimoku thinks of the issue because in the manga release in both Japan and the US a Genshiken doujinshi was included as an extra in Volume 6. I have scans of four of the English translated doujinshi that were made on Genshiken, they vary widely in quality and all are high in hentai content but my favorite is Ogi-ana. Keeping current with changes from the manga storyline are a good thing as far as I'm concerned; however one thing in this episode I didn't like was when Sasahara snickered during the group interview. I think that's completely out of character for him.

Download the bit torrent file for episode 9 here.

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