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Monday, December 10, 2007

Hidamari Sketch Screen Shots

Episode 1 January 11th A Winter’s Collage
Yuno a first year student of Yamabuki High School shuts off her alarm, her schoolmate and neighbor in the Hidamari Apartments Miyako greets her and comes in as Yuno finishes getting prepared for school. Then Yuno has to wait for her as Miyako’s watching TV. The two go downstairs to the front of the apartment building where they find Hiro and Sae who are both second year students, here Miyako wishes them Happy New Year, but Sae replies that they already heard that the day prior at Hatsumode. They go on to talk about Sae’s fortune result of “Misfortune” and Yuno’s “Exceptional Luck” but Sae warns her that good luck is often followed by bad and advises caution. Yuno’s luck has already run out because she forgot to do her homework. They start their fifteen second commute to the school which is located across the street from the apartment. Yuno and Miyako’s homeroom teacher Yoshinoya tells the class what she did for her winter vacation.

This is pretty much what happens throughout the anime, it’s a slice of life series following the events in the lives of the four girls and is based on a four panel manga by Ume Aoki. The anime is broadcast out of sequence with all the episodes set in Yuno’s first year of highschool, but the events do connect and refer to each other. It’s mostly about art as Yuno specializes in drawing, Miyako supplies much of the humor as the poor always hungry next door neighbor, Hiro mother’s the two younger girls and Sae also a published author, she serves as a surrogate father figure. Yoshinoya the teacher looks as young as her students and often models for them, the students think she has a cosplay fetish. This isn’t anywhere near as funny as Azumanga Daioh or Lucky Star but it has a real slice of life charm that I found very relaxing. Fans of action anime will no doubt hate this but if you enjoy slice of life shows like Sketch Book Full Color or Ichigo Mashimaro I think you’ll enjoy this. It was popular enough in Japan to warrant a second season which is to be broadcast in 2008.

Download all twelve bit torrent files for the complete series here.

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