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Monday, December 03, 2007

Loveless Screen Shots

Episode 1 Breathless

Six grader Aoyagi Ritsuka is transferring to a new school, with a distressing record from his former school and problems at home stemming from the murder of his brother and an unstable mother. The others teachers wonder if the immature Shinonome Hitomi-sensei will be able to cope with him. Hawatari Yuiko is his classmate and pushed around by the others girls in their class. But she instantly falls in love with Ritsuka as he is introduced to the class. However when she follows the other students instructions to get his address and phone number he refuses, telling her that the only thing worse then bullies are those that allow themselves to be bullied.

This anime contains elements of shounen ai and yuri so if you are offended by that you may want to stay away. I have to thank GiGi for emailing me and recommending this series to me after I expressed my surprise that I enjoyed the shounen ai manga Antique. I watched the entire series this weekend and really enjoyed it, it’s based on the shoujo manga by by Yun Kouga. The character designs are unique in that the sexually immature are cat-boys and cat-girls with tails and ears, after a sexual encounter the ears and tails are shed. The plot in essence is a murder mystery with a fantasy fighting storyline, the battles themselves are reminiscent of Shakugan no Shana. I would recommend this to fans of Shakugan no Shana, Claymore or Sola.

The DVD played fine in the DVD player but I couldn’t get it to work in the computer so the screen caps are from an old fansub. DVD was released by Media Blasters in 2006.

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