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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mononoke Screen Caps

Story Arc 1 Zashiki-warashi
A Medicine Seller stands in front of an inn hawking his wares but Tokuji who works the front desk tries to get the Medicine Seller to leave, instead of departing he comes inside and takes a room and tries to interest the owner Hisayo an elderly woman in his wares. Then a pregnant woman named Shino enters the inn and asks Tokuji for a room, he however refuses saying the last room has just been rented. Hisayo tries to make the woman leave but Shino falls to the ground crying that she and her unborn baby will be dead by morning lying in the inn doorway if they are not given a room. Finally Hisayo relents and tells Tokuji to give her THAT room, eyes wide with fear he does.
This anime is a sequel to Bakeneko which was part of the horror anthology series Ayakashi, I hadn’t seen Bakeneko but a friend told me it wasn’t necessary just to start with this. So far I watched the first two story arcs, the first arc is two episodes long and the second is three episodes. They each tell interesting stories and the Medicine Seller has a lot more power than an ordinary merchant. I’m not much of a horror genre fan but I’ve really enjoyed the two arcs that I’ve seen so far. Set in the Edo period the art work is almost as if it was drawn back then. It’s the kind of visual style that you’ll either love or hate and personally I really liked the style and felt it fit the anime quite well. It’s going to be an episodic anime as the only reoccurring character is the Medicine Seller even the class of spirit is different in the two arcs I’ve seen. I would definitely recommend this to fans of the horror genre like Jigoku Shoujo and so far I like this as much as Higurashi no Naku Koro ni both focus more on the mystery behind the spirits then on the actual supernatural battles themselves. The Medicine Seller needs to know three things in order to use his sword of exorcism, The Shape, The Truth and The Regret of the spirit before he even draws his weapon.
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