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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Yukan Club 有閑倶楽部 Episode 10 Screen Caps

It’s Christmas at the Yukan Club, and there are many presents that have been given to the club members. (My Favorites are the Lobster with the Christmas Cap, and Yuri’s Christmas Cake Hat ), Bido gets a handmade scarf, Karen gets a necklace, Yuri of course gets food, Miroku a reindeer hat, Seishiro and Noriko haven’t opened their presents yet as they are busy decorating. But something is wrong with the school, seems that the bank stopped a loan at a key time and the principal suggests getting help from the Yukan Club. Miroku also received a toy gun for as a present, he threatens Bido with it, but Bido grabs a plastic rose along with Yuri and threatens to stab her. Yuri plays along imploring Miroku to save her. Bido laughs and tells him to shoot. Miroku yells Die Granmarie and pulls the trigger, when to everyone’s surprise the gun discharges and a bullet flies towards Bido’s face. It just traces a line of blood on his cheek before leaving a hole in the club’s door. Just then the principal and headmaster enter followed seconds later by the police. The Club has been setup.

I was wrong when I said last week that Yamazaki Hajime was going to appear as the villain again this week, I mistook him for the school board member that’s out to ruin the club in this episode. But this week’s villains aren’t bumbling idiots in fact their formidable opponents for the club. While I’ve had many complaints about the drama, they all apply to the storylines the cast have been given, the characters themselves and the actors have been just great and very entertaining. Yuri was my favorite and the episodes that featured her the most I enjoyed very much. After seeing all ten episodes of the series I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a silly comedy. I’d love to read the manga but I can’t read Japanese and I’ve never seen scans of this. If anyone has read the manga I’d really appreciate you leaving a comment or sending me an email on your thoughts on the drama and what changes the TV writers made.

Many thanks to p-chan and the LoveSong fansub for the excellent hardsub release. The translation and video quality are just terrific and I very much look forward to downloading their next project. Download the bit torrent files for the complete series here. Screen caps of the other 9 episodes can be found here.

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