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Monday, January 21, 2008

Aria the Natural Screen Caps

Episode 1 That Meeting at the Carnivale...

Ai-chan is visiting from Manhome for the biggest holiday on Aqua, Carnivale, she's staying with Akari and Alicia, and will be helping out around the Aria Company during the day. But President Aria leaves, Akari explains to Ai that he leaves right before Carnivale for what might be a cat assembly, called for by Cait Sith.

Aria the Natural is twice as good as Aria the Animation. People always make grand statements on the internet about shows that they love, but rarely can they provide any proof that their opinion is anything more then just that. I will now offer mathematical proof that the Natural is twice as good as the Animation. The Animation released in 2005 was 13 episodes long. The Natural released in 2006 was 26 episodes long. 13 X 2 = 26, mathematical proof that it's twice as good. If you liked Aria the Animation I can almost guarantee that you'll like this even more. As deftoned pointed out in a comment on my post on the Animation if you liked To Heart, Hidamari Sketch or Sketchbook ~Full Color~ you'll really enjoy this show. I'd gush even more about this anime but "Embarrassing Lines are Prohibited"

Download the entire first and second season along with the OVA of Crystalnova's fansub from their tracker here.

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