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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Aria the Origination 水星领航员 第3季 Screen Caps

Episode 1 That Approaching Spring Breeze
Spring is approaching on Aqua and Carnival is over, Akari is writing to Ai-chan filling her in on what’s been happening and questioning her own abilities. But Ai-chan replies that it’ll all work out and by the next time Ai-chan visits Akari will most likely be a “prima” or full undine. Akari, Aika and Alice are out practicing, discussing what they’ve learned from their seniors during carnival, when Alice suggests that they stop for tea. They meet Akatsuki and Al at the café, Al is helping Akatsuki study for the Salamander promotional exam.

The first season covered Akari when she first started at the Aria Company as an apprentice or “pair” so named because pairs where two gloves to protect the hands, Akairi was a “single” or journeyman during the second season, and the opening episode of this third season finds her and Aika still journeymen but I’m sure the pair will soon be tested for their own promotions.

Crystal Nova released the first episode of the third Aria season this week, I’ve been waiting for their release because I’ve downloaded their releases for the first, second and OVA and they do a nice job on this anime. Their quality hasn’t decreased at all and while I was hoping for a HD release it just doesn’t make sense if HD RAWs aren’t available to begin with. I just love this show, as I’ve noted on the posts covering the first and second seasons. I’d definitely recommend watching the 3 series in the order they were produced, the standalone OVA could be viewed anytime after the first season, but it was actually released after the second season aired. Download the hardsub English fansubs for the first and second seasons, OVA and the first episode of the third season from the Crystal Nova tracker here.

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