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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Fukigen na Gene Screen Shots

Grumpy Gene
The drama begins as Aoi Yoshiko played by Takeuchi Yuko (Egao no Hosoku, Lunch no Joou) ask the London limo driver to put on the news but when the driver turns on the radio she changes her mind and starts to quietly cry. The scene changes to five years earlier she’s sitting in a café where all the patrons overhear a man telling his girlfriend that he has another girlfriend, Aoi tells the man off comparing him to a camel or a walrus and warns the girl not to trust men, because saying they can’t love Then she leaves but she’s followed by another patron Shiraishi Kenichi played by Kikawada Masaya (Enka no Joou, My Boss My Hero) who starts to argue with her. He tells her that man can indeed love and while he agrees that the other guy lying to his girlfriend is despicable he says all men aren’t like that. While they argue the girl who was sitting with Kenichi leaves without him.
I’m a big fan of Takeuchi Yuko who I first liked a lot in “Pride” and just loved in Lunch no Joou but after watching the first three episodes of this drama this seems like the weakest of the dramas I’ve seen her in. It’s not her fault it just seems like there’s no chemistry between her and her male co-stars. The animal behaviorist stuff in her lab and fieldwork is good and the way that her analogies on love come from her observation of bugs and other animals. After each episode concludes Yuko screens all of the animals that were mentioned during the episode with an animated ladybug. I definitely will finish watching this because it has room to improve and hasn’t been boring but if you haven’t seen her other dramas I’d recommend those over this. This reminds me a lot of the anime Moyashimon both set in college labs, Moyashimon is about a guy who can see microbes and this one about a woman obsessed with bugs.

I wrote this post yesterday but I actually just finished watching the fourth episode and the pacing seemed to have picked up with more comedy and also the love triangle is getting a little tighter, so this may turn out better then I initially expected. I’d wait and post about this drama after I viewed the entire series but it’s series of the week and not likely to be well seeded after this week.

Download the entire series bit torrent files here, and the soft subs here. This is the series of the week at d-addicts so if you want to see this older 2005 drama try and download it this week while it’s being seeded.

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