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Monday, January 07, 2008

Hataraki Man Episode 1 Screen Shots

Matsukata Hiroko played by Kanno Miho (Watashitachi no Kyokasho, Ai no Uta) explains what she does for a living to the camera, as she gets ready for work, runs for the train, buys a newspaper and enters her office. She talks about a balnce that must be maintained between work, love, fashion and health. She’s an editor at Jidai Weekly magazine. Narita Kimio played by Sawamura Ikki (Maison Ikkoku) is her boss, Nagisa Mayu played by Hirayama Aya is her junior and also an editor, she wants Hiroko to go to karaoke after work but Hiroko can’t because she has a date. Kobayashi Akihisa played by Arakawa Yoshiyoshi (Kiken na Aneki, Kamikaze Girls) who is the head of Performing Arts and Culture section of the magazine is on a photo shoot, when he receives a call from Narita telling him to change his copy that emphasizes the small breasts that the swimsuit model is endowed with. Kobayashi explains that the readers are getting tired of seeing large breasts all the time. Umemiya Tatsuhiko played by Ibu Masato (Nodame Cantabile, Detective Conan 2) is the editor in chief and he approves the proofs and the work for this issue of the weekly is completed, when Hiroko is introduced to Tanaka Kunio played by Hayami Mokomichi (Jotei, Rondo) who just started that day as an editor on the magazine. He remarks that an article for this weeks magazine was frivolous, which infuriates Hiroko who spent three days working on it. Work is over so she leaves for her date with Yamashiro Shinji played by Yoshizawa Yuu (Ace wo Nerae!, Pretty Girls).

I’ve been waiting for the subs to be released for this show and the first episode English subs were released late last week and it’s been worth the wait. I’ve read the scanlation of the manga by Anno Moyoco who’s a terrific mangaka another manga of hers that I recommend is “Happy Mania” that’s about a woman obsessed with finding a boyfriend opposed to this story about a woman obsessed with work. Interesting side note, Moyoco is married to Hideaki Anno director of Shin Seiki Evangelion. I also really liked the anime that aired last spring in Japan. The plot of this episode was pretty close to original and I liked the way that the characters address the audience commenting on their lives and work. If you haven’t read the manga or seen the anime the reason it’s titled Hataraki Man even though the main character is a woman is because when she really get’s going at work Hiroko switches to man mode and works like a demon. I highly recommend you checking this drama out if you like dramas like Hotaru no Hikari or Haken no Hinkaku.

Download the Raw video bit torrent files here, the English softsubs for the first episode here or the English hardsubs here. Read and download the first chapter of the manga scanlation here.

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