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Friday, January 18, 2008

Hatenkou Yuugi Screen Caps

Rahzel sits reading a book by the fire in her home when her father asks her if she wouldn’t like to see the world. He goes on to explain that traveling and self training would be good for her. Then he throws her out of the house. She sits in the town square and laments on not eating more at breakfast and for eating the things that she doesn’t care for. She begins to walk with the conviction that she’ll enjoy herself. She looks up to see a bishounen named Alzeid, but then notices that he’s holding a gun to another man’s head. She distracts Alzeid and his victim runs away. She notices that Alzeid eyes hold nothing but boredom, she informs him that she’ll change his life making it more interesting and mysterious. So the pair set off traveling together. As they eat at a restaurant Rahzel realizes that traveling is expensive and the pair will somehow need to acquire money, Alzeid offers to rob people or to cheat at card games, she decides that they should seek high paying part time employment. Their first job is exorcising a ghost.

I’ve seen the first two episodes of this anime and by the end of the second I’m starting to like it but it has it’s slow moments so I’ll try a few more episodes before I decide to keep downloading it. I did enjoy Rahzel’s and Alzeid interplay when they first meet and he points his gun at her, she makes a gun out of her fingers and points right back at him. The fact that they are traveling will bring a large cast of characters into the mix along with the fantasy setting where Rahzel can do magic, Baroqueheat another character added towards the end of the first episode can change his hand into a sword and Alzeid has some power over animals. You’ll probably enjoy this if you liked Kino's Journey but with more humor or Girl Who Leapt Thru Time.

Download the English fansubs for the first two episodes here.

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