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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

La Corda D'Oro ~primo passo~

Episode 1 An Impossible Prelude

Kahoko Hino is a second year student at the Seisou Academy, the man who founded the school befriended a fairy saving its life. In return the fairy blessed his school with the gift of music. Hino’s running late to school but as she pauses by the school monument, she sees the fairy. She’s the only person who can see it and as a reward the fairy gives her a magical violin and enters her in the school music contest. The school is split into two divisions, one side being the regular students this is the group Hino belongs to and the other division is the music group. All of the other contestants in the “concurs” are from the music group and there is much uproar in the school that a regular student, Hino has been chosen to be in the prestigious contest.

Looking for something to watch now that Nodame Cantabile Special is finished, then look no further this anime will be music to you’re ears. I’ve only seen the first ten episodes of this 2006 anime but when I started it over the weekend while I waited for the Nodame subs to be released I was hooked right away. This series like Nodame features lots of great classical music but unlike Nodame this isn’t for orchestra rather it’s single or accompanied performances. The fairy appears at the end of the episode with some music facts and a quiz, you can’t help but to learn something. Also like Nodame this series features a strong female lead character but unlike Nodame’s romance with Chiaki, Hino is surrounded by bishounen classmates and so far it seems like a reverse harem show. I would highly recommend this show to anyone who enjoyed Nodame Cantabile anime or live action.

Download the entire series English fansub by StrawberryMintSubs bit torrent files here.

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Anonymous usagijen said...

Not everyone who loved Nodame Cantabile will love Corda, as most guys would be oblivious about the glaring shoujo vibes of the show xD

It's similar to Nodame in terms of the music aspect, but takes a completely different route in terms of how is uses music as its plot device.

Corda takes it to a romance fantasy level, more dramatic and ambitioius, albeit unrealistic at times.

I love both Corda and Nodame Cantabile. But because of my fangirl bias, and my overall addiction to the Corda game and its characters, I have come to love it even more ^^

1/22/2008 08:39:00 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

@usagijen Thanks for the insights, I've never played the game and still only seen the first ten episodes of La Corda D'Oro. The only thing I slightly disagree with you about is I don't think of the music as a plot device in either series, to me it's the central theme of both shows. But that may come from the way that I approached the Corda. I downloaded it because the description said it was about a music school and also Hino is given a magic violin so I figured it was about classical music.
The reason I think that music is so important is that the central character in each show is changed by the way that they approach their own music. Nodame goes from being a slacker who plays brilliantly but sloppily to someone who cares more deeply for music as she strives to become equal to Chiaki, to be able to share and play her music with him. In the ten episodes I've seen of Corda, Hino also goes from someone who felt forced into the contest to, a willing participant, to someone who truly loves the music she's making by the time the second stage is approaching. If you changed music to another fine art like painting or sculpting I think that you would fundamentally change the nature of both shows because the art that can most readily be shared by the participants is music. Nodame desires to share a stage with Chiaki along with her life, I'm only guessing that something similar may occur in the later episodes of Corda.

1/23/2008 11:35:00 AM  

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