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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Persona -trinity soul- Screen Caps

A girl calmly descends into the ocean, her finger pointing towards the sun. Then the scene shifts and a sub is raised to the surface, it’s deposited on a Japanese coast guard rescue ship. When the crew opens the hatch they find the crew missing, the three men who were in the sub have mysteriously disappeared, a single white feather drifts from the open hatch away on the wind. Kanzato Ryo chief of the Ayanagi City Police asks that the rescue crew not enter the sub to preserve the evidence. The scene switches to an airplane where Kanzato Shin and his younger brother Jun are traveling to Ayanagi City to begin living with their older brother Ryo. They arrive at the airport but have to find their own way to house as no one is waiting to pick them up. The scene switches back to Ryo who’s also investigating another strange case, one where the victims are literally turned inside out referred to as Reverses.

This is another anime based on a PS2 game, the games title is Persona 3, I’ve never played the game in fact I don’t know if it’s ever had an English release. I watched the first two episodes of the show so far and the storyline developing pretty quickly. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a supernatural, fantasy or science fiction storyline but it’s been interesting so far watching the three brothers interact and the mystery start to unfold.It's kind of like a violent Denno Coil or a male Mai-Otome. This is supposed to be another short 13 episode series and with a decent start like this I’ll probably continue to watch this to see just what’s going on.

Download the bit torrent files for first two episodes of the English fansub here.

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