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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

True Tears Screen Caps

Shinichiro is drawing at his desk, pictures of the girl, Hiromi, that lives with his family since her father died. Her father and his had been the best of friends so he took her in when his friend died. She lives quietly with them helping work on the accounts for the family business but she’s resented by Shinichiro’s mother. She has never shown Shinichiro the tears that he feels must be inside of her. Hiromi has a completely different personality at school the quiet demur girl at home becomes energetic and outgoing at school. Shinichiro is constantly watching her but he doesn’t know how to approach her either at home or school and his friend is continually teasing him because of it. Then as he’s leaving school he sees a girl high in a tree gathering berries, she tells him not to look at her, as he angrily walks away she calls him back telling him that she needs help getting out of the tree.

The anime is based on a PC visual novel and appears to be a romance triangle, between Shinichiro, Hiromi and Noe the girl who fell onto him from the tree. Rumor has it that Noe speaks with aliens so I’m not sure where that storyline is headed or if the writer was just of fan of Haruhi. I’ve seen the first two episodes so far and find it fairly interesting, especially the second episode where we learn a little bit more about Hiromi. If the anime stays at this level I’m sure that I’ll watch the whole thing. It’s only 13 episodes long, so I hope the story isn’t rushed. I like the artwork especially when he discovers Noe up the tree for the first time with the sunlight surrounding her and also Shinichiro’s watercolor of the crying eye. I think you might like this if you liked Kanon or ef-a tale of memories.

Download the first two episodes of the English fansub here.

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