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Friday, February 08, 2008

Oishii Puropozu おいしいプロポーズ Screen Caps

Hasegawa Kyoko (Pretty Girls, Boku dake no Madonna) as Shiraishi Suzuko the head chef at a small Italian restaurant, Koide Keisuke (Nodame Cantabile, Gokusen 2) as Katsuragi Haruki the son of the owner of the restaurant. Koike Eiko (Deru Toko Demasho!, Utahime) as Kashiwagi Maki, Suzuko’s roommate and a waitress at the restaurant. Nishimura Masahiko (Akimahende, Ns' Aoi) as Ookouchi Tamio he's is the manager of the restaurant.

This is a romantic comedy that was broadcast in 2006 and it’s the series of the week so I’ve download the whole series but have only had time to watch the first two episodes but enjoyed them both. Hasegawa Kyoko was in the very first drama I’d ever seen and I’ve liked her ever since, I thought Boku dake no Madonna was great which she also starred in. Based on the limited amount that I’ve seen of this drama I like it much more then last springs Bambino and I recommend it to romantic comedy fans who enjoyed Hotaru no Hikari or Long Vacation.

Download the entire series RAW video bit torrent files here, the soft subs can be downloaded here. As I said above it’s the series of the week and it’s very well seeded, but that won’t last so try to download it before Monday when a new drama will take it’s place.

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