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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Potemayo ぽてまよScreen Caps

Moriyama Sunao is eating breakfast when the refrigerator starts shaking he opens it to find a small creature, who he names Potemayo because that’s what he was eating when he discovered her. He brings her to school and the entire class but especially the girls all love the cute little creature. Natsu Mikan is a girl in Sunao’s class that’s secretly in love with Sunao but Potemayo hisses and bares her teeth whenever Mikan approaches. While Sunao and Potemayo are at school another creature emerges from his refrigerator, who makes its way to school also. Mikan’s friend and classmate Takamimori Kyo discovers the rather violent creature and starts feeding it guchu and thus names it, Guchuko.

The anime is based on a four panel manga by mangaka Haruka Ogataya, which I haven’t had an opportunity to read. The episodes are split presenting two stories each. Guchuko is in one word the reason why you should watch this show. The story is cute and funny but when Guchuko gets blasting people with her energy ray it just leaves me on the floor laughing, another great scene with her in a latter episode involves a cuckoo clock. The jealousy that Potemayo displays towards the sweet Mikan is another source of laughs, along with the occasional toilet humor when a surprised, scared or smitten Potemayo wets herself and it sometimes happens when she’s riding around on Sunao’s head. Another source of humor is the reversed relationship that Sunao has with his father. I enjoyed this show a lot and would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Today in Class 5-2 but without the ecchi humor, or Ichigo Mashimaro.

Download the English fansub bit torrent files here.

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