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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Saito-san 斉藤さん Screen Caps

Saito Masako played by Mizuki Arisa (Houkago, Oniyome Nikki 2) stands on a hilltop, her self commentary “I want to be an adult that children aren’t embarrassed of, if something bad happens, I’ll always tell people it’s wrong.” The scene switches to early morning; Mano Wakaba played by Mimura (Fire Boys, Chakushin Ari 2) is putting cookies in the mailboxes of her new neighbours as way of introduction. She arrives back home and her husband Mano Toru played by Sasaki Kuranosuke (Detective Conan 2, Bambino!) tells instead of staying up all-night baking she should just introduce herself to them. She grabs the trash and takes it to the recycle bin as an older neighbour drops off her bottles, but Saito arrives with her trash and scolds the old woman for bringing bottles out on the wrong day. Then a group of high school girls riding bikes throw a bottle in the recycling bin. Saito grabs the girl arm as she attempts to leave, forcing her to take her trash with her. Then she introduces herself to Mano tells Mano to take back the cardboard she’s left and bring it back on the appropriate day.

This drama is based on the Saito-san manga by Oda Yua, which I’ve never had the opportunity to read but after watching this first episode I don’t plan on rushing out to see if it’s licensed or scanlated. I really wanted to like this show because I was so taken with the Houkago drama that Mizuki Arisa starred in that was broadcast 15 years ago in October of 1992. The drama wiki lists this as comedy family drama so I expected that’s I’d enjoy it, but honestly I didn’t really get a good laugh for the entire one hour premiere. I’m going to try one more episode if the story doesn’t improve or at least get funny then I’m not going to bother downloading this anymore.

Download the first 4 episode RAW video bit torrent files here, the soft subs can be downloaded here.

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