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Monday, March 03, 2008

1 Pound no Fukuin 1ポンドの福音 Ep 7 Screen Caps

Episode 7 Huge Debt With An Evil Host. A Match With Money And Love On The Line

The boxers eye the seafood brought to them by Ueda’s father played by Fuwa Mansaku, while upstairs he presents liquor to the manager. Then he confronts his son in the gym, telling Ueda played by Okada Yoshinori (Utahime, Sexy Voice and Robo) that it’s time for him to come home. He reminds Ueda of a promise he made that if he wasn’t a champion by the time he turned thirty then he’d return home. Ueda refuses declaring that he will be a champion soon. Then he lies stating that he’d have a championship match soon. Kosaku played by Kamenashi Kazuya (Nobuta wo Produce, Cartoon KAT-TUN ) is surprised and excited by the news, wishing his fellow boxer and friend well. Meanwhile the sisters are busy cleaning litter in a commercial district when Sister Angela played by Kuroki Meisa (Haikei, Chichiue-sama, One Missed Call) is approached by a man inviting her to his bar. She apologies saying that she is busy with her cleaning duties but the man complains that the bar has problems and requests her aid. The kind hearted Sister Angela is welcomed to the Rings Host Club by a string of hosts.

Lots’ going on in this episode with plenty of laughs and the storyline continues into the next episode as well. It’s hard to decide who decide who is the more gullible Kosaku or Sister Angela but it’s always funny watching them dig their way out of the messes they create. Okada Yoshinori is also very good in the series so it’s nice to see the supporting actor get a larger role in the show.

Download the first seven episodes of the Massuki & Sailor Spork English hardsub bit torrent files here. Screen Shots of the first six episodes are here.

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