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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Engine Sentai Go-onger 炎神戦隊ゴーオンジャー ep 1Screen Caps

Grand Prix 1 Allies of Justice
The tokusatsu begins on the Machine World 6 months ago, where the Engines are chasing the Gaiark, as the Gaiark attempt to escape the Engines fire upon them and the Gaiark escape to another dimension which just happens to be Earth. The scene switches to present day Earth; Esumi Sosuke exits the mobile home stating it’s going to be another lucky day for him. Royama Saki sits combing her hair, and chides Sosuke for his arrogance. Her hair isn’t styling the way she wants but she looks at the mirror and repeats what seems to be her catch phrase “Smile, Smile”. Inside the mobile home Kosaka Renn is happy the sauce for his special omelettes turned out well, but Sosuke wants to know why he’s so happy about such a trivial thing. Meanwhile a Gaiark, Shoukyaku Banki an incinerator who belches air pollution while burning everything around him, attacks a wedding party. Then the Go-onger’s arrive, allies of justice who transform, Sosuke Go-on Red, Saki Go-on Yellow, and Renn Go-on Blue to do battle.

Aside from the apparent contradiction that one of the most polluting machines invented is in a battle to stop monsters from polluting the Earth this show was lot’s of fun and pretty interesting for an introductory episode. The Gaiark have some great costume designs, each episode so far has the three leading Gaiark dispatching a different type monster who spews his or her own unique type pollution. The Go-onger’s themselves seem more flawed then their counterparts in Gekirangers the only other Super Sentai I’ve seen which should make them more interesting characters then Ran and Jan who sometimes seemed rather bland. I’d recommend this show to toku fans who liked Gekirangers or Kamen Rider Den-O a nice blend of action and comedy.

Download the first five English Hardsub episodes from the TV-Nihon bit torrent tracker here.

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