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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kamen Rider Den-O Movie Ore Tanjou 劇場版 仮面ライダー電王 俺、誕生! Screen Caps

Don’t read this post unless you’ve already seen the first 27 episodes of the series or you’ll get spoilers or be confused. Unlike some other Kamen Rider films, this was released during the run of the series and ties in with the storyline of the tokusatsu. It fits nicely in-between episodes 27 and 28. I was lucky enough to just start watching the show last weekend so when TV-Nihon released the movie I had just finished episode 26, so I watched episode 27 then the movie and then 28 a great two hours of entertainment.

A robber is confronted by Urataros who dangles a necklace in his face, Ryotaro switches to Kintaros who mocks the robber and sends him flying. Ryotaro switches to Ryutaros who chides the robber and starts a break dance, and then a six woman tap dancing chorus joins him. The pursuit continues onto a rooftop where Ryotaro switches to Momotaros and Sword Form to battle an Imagin but in the process loses the necklace and the Imagin’s contract is completed. The Imagin escapes back in time to 2000.05.08, Momotaros uses the DenLiner to pursue him.

I’m loving the series for the first 30 episodes that I’ve seen so far and the movie is the icing on the cake. The story line in the mid twenties has been somewhat confusing but it’s all resolved with the episodes 27,28 and the movie. The movie itself has some nice action scenes, best time travel sequences used in the series so far as they go back to the prehistoric era, but too briefly for my tastes and the Edo era where more time is spent along with some nice fight scenes. The storyline isn’t muddled up with a lot of new characters but an excellent villain, named Gaoh is introduced. I’d highly recommended to fans of the Kamen Rider Den-O series. I can’t wait for the Director’s Cut to be released, as it may spend more time in the prehistoric era which we we’re teased with in the movie.

Download the English Hardsub release from TV-Nihon here.

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