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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Kamen Rider Kiva 仮面ライダーキバ Ep.2 Screen Caps

Episode 2"Suite: Father/Son Violin"
This episode begins in 2008 when Megumi Aso is telling Mamoru Shima her boss in the organization that fights the Fangire about her encounter with Kiva at the end of the first episode. Shima tells her not to inform Keisuke Nago about the appearance of Kiva, because Nago would attempt to kill Kiva. The scene switches to Wataru’s workshop he’s stirring a smelly pot of fish bones, testing the concoction as a varnish on a violin. It’s another failure and Shizuka tries to cheer him up telling him “It’s hard trying to surpass one’s father”, stating that his father was a violin master craftsman. Then she shows him a violin that she accepted on his behalf for repair. The timeline skips back to 1986 and Shima is ordering Yuri Aso to protect a violinist from a Fangire that targets female violinists. Otoya Kurenai is already with the violinist when Yuri arrives. Yuri flashback’s to their meeting as she tries to order Otoya to leave but the violinist states that Otoya is her instructor and also an amazing violinist. The timeline shifts to 2008 and Megumi confronts Wataru in front of the café as he eyes a table as possible raw material for a violin repair. Then she confronts Shizuka about him, but Shizuka responds that she’s Wataru’s mom.

This was a very entertaining episode, lots of laughs and less confusion trying to keep the storyline and characters straight. As the episode timeline jumps around we get to laugh at the outdated 80’s style and get a look at the economy before the bubble burst. Now that I’ve seen a couple of episodes I’d really recommend tokusatsu fans who enjoy series like Garo or Cutie Honey give this a try.

Download the first five hardsub episodes from the TV-Nihon tracker here. Screen Shots of the first episode here.

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