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Friday, March 28, 2008

Kamen Rider Kiva 仮面ライダーキバ Ep.7 Screen Caps

Episode 7
Song of Praise, A Three Star Full Course in Darkness

Wataru and Shizuka visit Megumi just as she’s to be released from the hospital, Nago arrives with a bouquet of roses and tells her she should stay and rest a bit more but she accuses him of trying to get in her way. The scene switches to 1986, a Fangire is bidding a final goodbye to a loyal servant, who been with him for 300 years, he vows to bring him back even as the body dissolves. Jiro is having coffee in the café and Yuri is thanking him for saving her life, but she also inquires why he did. Jiro replies that a good café needs a good waitress, Shima arrives and the owner declares that the café needs to close for hour. The scene shifts again to 2008 and Shima is again in the café this time proudly displaying his body fat ratio for the owner and Megumi, Shima wants Megumi to investigate an exclusive restaurant which may be related to the Fangire. It happens to be the same building where in 1986 we saw the Fangire bid farewell to his servant. The scene switches back to 1986, where Shima, Yuri and the owner are discussing recruiting new members, Otoya arrives and Yuri tries to throw him out but Shima wants to give him a chance to work with the Aozora Organization.

I love this show, the time line switches; keep two simultaneous and related storylines going at once so the show never has a chance to get dull or boring. There is plenty of mystery with Jiro an apparent monster but someone who’s been helping out, also we have Otoya, is he really a bad guy. So far all indications are that he is. We’ve seen Wataru father but never his mother, who is she? We’ve seen Megumi’s mother but not her farther, who is he? Are Megumi and Wataru related? Why does Shima fear, and Nago hate and want to kill Kiva? Plenty to keep me interested that’s for sure, plus it’s pretty funny when Wataru unknowingly tortures Shizuka with the centipede.

Download the first seven English hardsub episodes from the TV-Nihon website here, screen caps of the first six episodes are here.

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