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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Lion-Maru G ライオン丸G Screen Caps

Episode 1 2011 Neo-Kabukichō, Lion-Maru Transformed, State
This 2006 tokusatsu is set in the year 2011, but as the main character informs us in the opening monologue nothing much has changed except the economy is even worse. It’s set in Shinjuku but it’s been renamed to Neo-Kabukichō and it’s a disgusting hole. The main problem recently is a new contact lens imprinted with a skull, called skull eyes. They cause the wearer to become extremely violent and powerful and the users are causing havoc. The hero/narrator is Shishimaru played by Kazuki Namioka (1 Pound no Fukuin, Densha Otoko), he’s the worst host in Neo-Kabukichō. As he’s walking down a street drinking milk he accidentally beans an old homeless man with an empty bottle, as he’s apologizing some debt collector’s spot him and a chase ensues. Junior played by Kenichi Endo (Tokkyu Tanaka San Go, Ikebukuro West Gate Park) is the man to which he owes a large debt as does Saori a hostess played by Emi Kobayashi. Junior offers to give them both time off of their debt if they agree to act as bait to catch the skull eye wearing gang the Swankees. Reassuring them that they’ll be protected by Jonosuke played by Yasuomi Ohta.

Thanks to Anonamouse who suggested this short 13 episode show to me. He saw my recent postings on other tokusatsu that I’ve seen and knows that I’m a big Akihabara@deep fan. This show has a very similar feel to @deep, the way it’s shot and most scenes occur on the streets. Ajita the Indian street vendor in @deep is in four or five episodes a few times as a street vendor and a couple times as waiter. Kitamura Kazuki does a parody of his role as Nakagomi Takeshi, including the trademark laugh in episode 11. In episode 12 Himura Yuuki who played Daruma in @Deep appears. He’s a former man who’s had a sex change operation for the man he loves, his former comedy duo partner who now works at the host club with Shishimaru. Junior the gang leader is a hardcore cosplayer, who changes costume with each appearance, to the dismay of his underling Jonosuke. It took me a couple of episodes to really get into the show, but it’s funny funny funny all the time. Shishimaru is played wonderfully as the perverted and cowardly hero. Give this show a try if you’re a fan of tokusatsu’s like Garo or comedies like Akihabara@deep or Ikebukuro West Gate Park. I just started watching Kamen Rider Den-O and Kazuki Namioka (Shishimaru)guest stars in that series in episodes 3 & 4

Direct Download all 13 episodes from the Elite Justice Fansub website here. EJF gives you lots of options for example the series can be direct downloaded or streamed from these sites Megaupload, Sendspace, Crunchyroll, Youtube 2 3, or Veoh.

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Anonymous P-chan said...

I actually haven't seen Lion-Maru G yet but I'll definitely have to give it a shot. It looks pretty decent and it's short ^_^

If you like watching stuff with @DEEP actors, give Kamen Rider 555/Faiz a try. Masayuki Izumi (Shimoyonagi) stars in it. Also, Fujita Rei is also suppose to be in this but I haven't gotten that far in the series yet.

3/08/2008 11:04:00 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

@p-chan It looks pretty decent and it's short
It's a lot of fun and as I said in the post I would have missed this show if it hadn't been recommended, let us know how you like it after you get a chance to see it.

give Kamen Rider 555/Faiz a try
I will I'm downloading the last batch of episodes right now, I'm going to finish Den-O first, that show is a load of fun! Thanks for recommending it.

3/09/2008 08:03:00 AM  
Anonymous P-chan said...

I'm going to finish Den-O first, that show is a load of fun! Thanks for recommending it.

Den-O is actually my favorite Kamen Rider series. It's just full of action and laughs. I dunno which episode you're on but my favorite Imagin comes in at around episode 13-14.

Do you ever get on any chat programs? MSN? AIM?

3/09/2008 08:51:00 AM  
Blogger Kevin said...

@pchanI dunno which episode you're on
I've seen the first ten, and I agree entirely about the action and laughs.

Do you ever get on any chat programs?
I use google talk through gmail, my screen name is kevn57 just like my email. I signed up for AIM through google talk my screen name is oldfljpopculture. I suppose I ought to put that in my profile. But blogger has been working so horribly this weekend that I'll wait for a better day.

3/09/2008 09:05:00 AM  
Anonymous P-chan said...

I'm on gmail as pchannie@gmail.com
Maybe we can chit chat sometime ^_^ lol well I'll probably just be spazzing out about all sorts of stuff...

3/09/2008 03:36:00 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

@p-chanMaybe we can chit chat sometime
I loved to! But be warned I've got lots of Toku questions for you and my typing skills are pretty poor.

spazzing out about all sorts of stuff
I'm always all over the place, just look at my blog, it's always so random, just whatever I'm watching at the moment.

3/09/2008 04:15:00 PM  

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