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Saturday, March 15, 2008

RH Plus RHプラス Episode 5 Screen Caps

Breakfast is cooking at the Eternal Moon Manor, Kiyoi is making eggs while Makoto and Ageha are just getting up. Masakazu is out for a run but can’t find his newspaper when he returns. When Makoto and Ageha arrive in the dinning room Ageha immediately goes to the fridge looking for his tomato cherry pudding. The pudding is missing, Masakazu comes in asks about his paper and it’s handed to him by Haruka who says that he’s done reading it. Masakazu complains why do I have to wait for my paper, just as Ageha discovers Ami eating his pudding. She smiles and says “Ah Bloody”, Ageha whines to quit acting like one of us. Kiyoi intervenes telling Ageha he gave it to her, besides he already had one the night before and he’ll make him more. There’s a large crash and Ami jumps up from the table and hugs Kiyoi yelling earthquake. Ageha starts pulling her away from Kiyoi telling her it’s not an earthquake, Makoto says it’s just some books falling over in Masakazu’s room. Kiyoi starts reprimanding Masakazu telling him that his room must be cleaned today, Haruka volunteers to help as does Ami who Kiyoi pairs up with Ageha. Masakazu’s room is a mess but when Haruka starts picking things up, Masakazu hands him a trash bag telling him that he’ll treat him to a meal, then he takes a nap.

Ageha’s jealous whining can get grating at times but this was another good episode, about the vampire family and their two outsider friends. You know that there has to be some laughs when the vampires decide to throw a garage sale but also it plays out like a family drama with sibling rivalry and jealousy and the feelings of wanting to belong. The spoiled Ageha is sharply contrasted by the relative newcomer, Makoto.

Download the first five English hardsub episode bit torrent files from TimeLes Subs here. Screen shots from previous episodes are here.

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