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Friday, March 21, 2008

RH Plus RHプラス Episode 6 Screen Caps

Kiyoi and his vampire family take on a case for “Mister”, breaking into the Database Corporation, a seemingly legitimate company hiding an underground organization. They’ve stolen information from the police which includes information about the vampires. “Mister” wants them to go in and steal the information back and destroy their computer in the process. Kiyoi is showing Makoto, Ageha and Masakazu blueprints of the building supplied by the police, security will be high, with many guards throughout the building. Kiyoi tells Ageha to leave behind the plastic boomerang he’s carrying, but Ageha explains that in a game the hero took out all the villains with just a boomerang. Kiyoi tells Masakazu to leave behind the duffle bag full of weapons, but Masakazu tells him they’re all fake anyways, then starts a mock battle with Ageha. Makoto wonders if everything will be alright as he watches his two accomplices play. A security guard sits eating a donut instead of watching the security monitors.

This episode brings a welcome return to comedy and police investigations after the last two episodes focused primarily on the familial relationship of the vampires. Ageha and Masakazu provide the majority of the laughs as the more serious Makoto worries and tries to accomplice the mission professionally. If you like this show be sure to give Fuma no Kojiro a try, Fujita Rei (Garo) is a co-star of both.

Download the first seven English hardsub episode bit torrent files from TimeLes Subs here. Screen shots of the first five episodes are here.

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