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Sunday, March 30, 2008

RH Plus RHプラス Episode 7 Screen Caps

It’s a full moon and for the vampires of Eternal Moon Manor that means an unrestricted night. Ageha leaps down the stairs yelling a greeting as he enters the dining room. He yells it’s a rare bloody, meaning the unrestricted night ahead, and chides Makoto to look a little happier. Kiyoi warns to make sure to escort the girl properly and to act like a gentleman. Makoto reminds Ageha that they failed the last time they went on a hunt. Just then Ami pops up and Ageha starts needling her, but Ami said that she originally had come to invite them to a goukon, then Ageha turns enthusiastic, saying that he be worried if Makoto went alone. Ami teases him for a couple of minutes but then she relents and invites them. Makoto wants to know what they do at a goukon, then Masakazu comes in and tells them he’s the Prince of Goukons and starts giving them advice.

This episode starts off light and funny and turns much darker towards the end. But it’s a lot of laughs watching Ageha and Makoto out on their first group date, trying to use the advice supplied by Masakazu, who’s also out on a goukon with Haruka. Will Masakazu’s advice help the boys, will Masakazu finally be able to score against Haruka who utterly defeated him on the last group date. This show reminds me of Fuma no Kojiro, not only do they share a co-star Fujita Rei (Garo, Fuma no Kojiro) but the way they mix light hearted comedy with much darker themes is also similar.

Download the first ten English hardsub episode bit torrent files from TimeLes Subs here. Screen shots of the first six episodes are here.

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