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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Shika otoko Aoniyoshi 鹿男あをによし Episode 6 Screen Caps

Episode 6 The Woman Who Holds All The Keys In Her Hand
Beginning Of Act II

Ogawa Takanobu played by Tamaki Hiroshi (Nodame Cantabile, Water Boys) finds out that the kendo trophy he struggled so hard to obtain is not in fact the object that’s need by the deer to avert the erupting of Mt. Fuji and the destruction of Japan. Ogawa explains to Fujiwara Michiko played by Ayase Haruka (Hotaru no Hikari, Hero) that it is all a plot by the rat and he has been deceived. Ogawa despairs that as the unluckiest man in Japan he was doomed to fail in his mission. The landlady reveals that the trophy was made sixty years ago by her husband, Fukuhara Shigehisa played by Sasaki Kuranosuke (Detective Conan 2, Bambino!) grandfather. Ogawa and Fujiwara put the trophy on display at school, Ogawa is depressed but Fujiwara says that even if it’s not the item needed it was still a miracle winning the kendo contest, the trophy is not a fake. Hotta played by Tabe Mikako (Yamada Taro Monogatari, Hinokio) arrives late for class, starts to cry and rushes from the classroom. Ogawa follows but she is gone before he can catch up to her.

This episode is as surreal and funny as the previous ones but now the mystery is deepening as time runs short he must find the fox. This is an excellent drama; give it a try if you’re not already watching.

Download the first seven RAW video bit torrent files here, the first six English soft subs can be download here. The screen shots of the first five episodes are here.

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