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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Engine Sentai Go-onger 炎神戦隊ゴーオンジャー ep3 Screen Caps

Grand Prix 3 Basic Investigation
Two new members of the Go-ongers have been introduced Ishihara Gunpei, Go-on Black, and Hanto Jo, Go-on Green, they haven’t been associated with Engines yet but they’re now part of the Go-ongrers. Gunpei was a police officer before joining the team and Hanto worked part-time delivering pizza. The episode opens with Gunpei instructing Saki in basic self defense. Ren says Gunpei has the skills you’d expect but warns that he won’t be dispatched so easily. Inside the mobile headquarters Hanto is talking to Bomper about his uniform, he wants to know what the emblem on the back signifies and Bomper replies that it’s the symbol for his yet unmet Engine partner, who along with Gunpei’s haven’t arrived yet. Sosuke comes in teasing Hanto for being so taken with his uniform. Outside Gunpei has Ren pinned to the ground, Saki tells Gunpei that he’s amazing but he says it’s just basic stuff that any police academy cadet is taught. Sosuke arrives chased by Hanto who wants his Henshin device Shiftchanger back. Gunpei puts a move on Sosuke taking the Shiftchanger and handing it back to Hanto. Just when a fight might breakout between the two, Bomper interrupts and announces that the Gaiark have been detected.

There’s lots of intergroup interaction, with the two new members, one somewhat naïve and the other acting a little overbearing almost like he wants to take command of the group. We also learn a little more about the Go-ongers equipment as it’s being explained to Hanto, he looks like a character that a lot of the shows humor may be centered around. I’m liking this show more and more as it progresses.

Download the first five English hardsub episodes from the TV-Nihon bit torrent tracker here. Screen Shots of the previous episodes are here.

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