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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Engine Sentai Go-onger 炎神戦隊ゴーオンジャー ep4 Screen Caps

Grand Prix 4 Engine Trouble
The episode opens with a scene of two new Engines approaching the Earth, Hanto is very enthusiastic when he exclaims to Gunpei, wondering what the new Engines will be like. Sosuke decides that the team should split up, and each group go search for and pickup the Engines as soon as possible. Meanwhile at Gaiark headquarters the three Ministers also see that two more Engines are about to enter the Earth dimension, Minister Kegalesia tells the other ministers that she’ll crush the new Engines with the assassin she’s created. But the assassin trips as it comes into the room and the other ministers have their doubts; however the new assassin declares he’ll stop the Engines before they even appear. Sosuke and Gunpei are teamed up, using Sosuke luck; he almost steps on Gunpei’s Engine, Gunpherd a sniper who shoots down trouble. But when Gunpei tells Gunpherd they are supposed to be partners Gunpherd tells him that he’ll be the one to decide on partners. But Speedor tells Gunpherd not to be so stubborn, and to find his body should be his highest priority. Saki and the others come across Birca the other Engine, and Birca mistakenly thinks Saki is his partner. But Bearry, Saki’s partner corrects the error right away.

Later in the episode when Minister Kegalesia show up and she’s called old lady is a highlight of the episode for me, it’s funny but I love the way that the assassin has to come over and turn a valve on her head when her head blows up from anger and the steam must be released. The spray bottle assassin aside from a great costume design provides plenty of fun too.

Download the first five English hardsub episodes from the TV-Nihon bit torrent tracker here. Screen Shots of the previous episodes are here.

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