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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Engine Sentai Go-onger 炎神戦隊ゴーオンジャー ep8 Screen Caps

Grand Prix 8 The Greatest Miracle
A giant BanKiJyu is attacking the city, a mechanic yells to his boss to flee, but the older man replies, “No one’s chasing me” and “I’d knew they’d attack.” He then has a flashback to a race track where Sosuke, Ren and Saki were attacked by Uguts and the pit crew mechanic thought Sosuke had died. But just as the flashback ends Sosuke runs past as he and the others sprint towards the BanKiJyu’s location. The group “Met On” but when Sosuke, Ren, and Saki try to “Soul Set” it fails because the three engines, Speedor, Bus-on and Bearrv were rusted in their last encounter with Bombe Banki in the last episode, they can’t return to their original forms. The the three minister’s, Minister Kegalesia, Minister Yogostein and Minister Kitaneidas arrive on the scene and the giant BanKiJyu appears to have fallen asleep.

This was a good episode as we learn some background on the original three Go-onger and more particularly on Sosuke the group’s original leader. The three evil ministers are also terrific, I love their costume designs and humor and hope we get to see lots more of them in future episodes. I still like Kiva a lot more so far, but we've got a long way to go.

Download the first nine English hardsub episodes from the TV-Nihon bit torrent tracker here. Screen Shots of the previous episodes are here.

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