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Friday, April 11, 2008

Guren Onna 紅蓮女 Screen Caps

Cosplay Yuurei Guren Onna
The drama begins with a beautiful Christmas scene, while a narrator relates the story of an office lady who’d been stalked, doused with gasoline and burned to death all before she had a chance to see her stalker’s face. They say she’s been unable to rest for the past 13 years and is still searching for her murderer; she’s become the Guren Onna. If you meet her she’ll set you on fire. The scene changes to St Anastasia’s High School, a classroom of very attentive students cycles through the day, one teacher after another appearing to instruct the students. Until Nabekura Fumiyo played by Takabe Ai (Shimokita Sundays, Gachi Baka) starts her class. The girls pay no attention to the struggling and timid teacher; Fumiyo fantasizes about getting tough with the students and becoming respected by them, but fails utterly. In between classes she scolded in the crowded hallway by vice-principal Sekiya played by Katagiri Ryuji, he goes so far as to compare her to her older sister who’d been a brilliant student at the school and the reason she’d been hired. Just then they’re interrupted by another teacher Kenduka Kogoro played by Shindo Gaku (Fuma no Kojiro, Chousei Kantai Sazer-X). He requested that Fumiyo be assigned the Urban Legend Club and the love struck Fumiyo sputters as she tries to speak with him, but he’s dragged away by the energetic school nurse.

This was a funny first episode; surprisingly so after such a gruesome opening, Takabe Ai is great as the mousy teacher. When she first appeared in the class room she reminded me of Kumiko, Nakama Yukie’s character in Gokusen but the difference is that Kumiko put on the timid teacher act to cover her yakuza heritage while Fumiyo really is that retiring character. Of course there is a dark secret to the show which get’s revealed in this first episode, but I won’t spoil that for you.

The first episode English hardsub has just recently been released by DoReMii fansubs; download the bit torrent file here.

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