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Saturday, April 05, 2008

I Vow Not To Cosplay As Sailor Moon

Quy said...
plz tell me ur not actually watching this...lol =P it just seems to corny, imo.
I'm an old white guy and I hereby make this promise, you will NOT see me at an anime convention this summer wearing a sailor suit, like the fan pictured above. But since p-chan recommended some tokusatsu series to me in the middle of February, I've been having a great time watching a variety of them. I really did enjoy PGSM very much, the fight scenes were sometimes pretty bad, but they didn't transform so suited stunt men could take over, they're just young actresses but I was pulled into the story and watched all forty nine episodes last week, and enjoyed it very much. At least two of those young actress might be much bigger stars over the course of the next year as more roles come their way, Kitagawa Keiko and Komatsu Ayaka. And the singer Kawabe Chieko who played Naru has since sung the theme song to one of my favorite anime's "Ouran High School Host Club", Sakura Kiss.

That's not to say that the show isn't corny at times but I like hero tales, Robin Hood and King Arthur, Bilbo and Frodo, Buffy and Xena I've always been drawn to heroic fiction. I actually like the melodrama of these kinds of fables. I cried when they killed Buffy and Xena. I put down LOTR the Two Towers after Tolkien killed off Gandalf when I read it for the first of many times when I was twelve and left it to sit for a month, I was so sad my greatest hero was dead. That's the kind of fun I'm experiencing again, through these toku shows. I wouldn't recommend PGSM as the first one to watch however. With my limited experience I'd recommend either Garo or Kamen Rider Kabuto first, or if you want more of a laugh Kamen Rider Den-O. If you like strong female characters like Buffy or Xena try Cutie Honey the Live as your first toku I'm sure you'll come back for more later.
P-chan said
Don't let the first episode pics fool you. The changed things quite a bit after a few episodes. I remember this was released by tv-nihon. I waited every darn week for it *_* Definitely something to look into

I was lucky to have the entire 49 episodes to watch at once and the more I watched the more I was drawn into the story.
Quy said
no kidding...what's so good about it? well, i can understand, if ur a guy, y u would want to watch this =). Anyway, i think i'm just gonna steer clear of this drama altogether.

If your not into toku I wouldn't recommend it, but the story isn't written for guys, it's based on a shoujo manga and anime from 1992. I'd already seen some of the anime before I watched this Live Action version.

Wait till you see what I post about tomorrow, more shoujo super heroes!

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Blogger Quy said...

haha that made me laugh...and a bit scarred for life. -_-" So, yea i have actually seen some of the anime, and it wasnt so bad, 10 years ago, that is. If i'll be watching any toku's, it will be in anime form tyvm.

ps: at first i thought that pic was u lmao. i mean, i wouldnt have been surpised, cuz ur a fan and all. ^^

4/06/2008 11:53:00 AM  
Blogger Kevin said...

@quy ps: at first i thought that pic was u lmao

Not me, I'm older and thinner that that fan, who I hope did it for a joke ;-)

4/06/2008 02:19:00 PM  
Anonymous P-chan said...

That's Sailor Bubba _o_ he first debuted with that cosplay at Anime Central and he's quite popular and known for that outfit XD I don't believe I have ever run into him at ACen... I don't think I want to.

4/06/2008 04:24:00 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

@P-chan I don't think I want to.

Me either! No Offense Sailor Bubba

4/06/2008 05:14:00 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Yikes, I haven't seen Sailor Bubba for awhile. Wasn't there a figure of this guy released once?

4/06/2008 10:05:00 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

@Aaron Wasn't there a figure of this guy released once?

OMG I hope not!

4/07/2008 04:23:00 AM  
Anonymous Charmy Renai said...

Yes, there's a Sailor Bubba figure.;)


Love, Charmy

4/07/2008 07:06:00 AM  
Blogger Kevin said...

Thanks for the link Charmy, now the more disturbing question is who'd buy the figure?

4/07/2008 12:24:00 PM  

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